Canine Nutrigenomics

My only immunologist pal and sweetheart Dr. Jean Dodds’ Hemopet, Petlifeline, Hemolife & Nutriscan just sent me a copy of her new book entitled:

“Canine Nutrigenomics – The New Science of Feeding Your Dog for Optimum Health”.

This book will expand and inspire the minds of veterinarians and pet owners from around the world!

When I asked Dr. Dodds why pet owners should read this book, she replied:

“Because it reveals the secrets to feeding dogs for optimum cellular health and longevity.

Vibrant health begins in the cells. Nutrigenomics is the science that studies how the foods we and our pets eat “speak” to our cells to regulate and optimize gene expression.

So, even though we can’t change the genes we were born with, we can affect how they behave through diet and other environmental factors. To that I say “WOW”!”


You can't change your dog’s genes but you can change how those genes behave by understanding food.
In this book you will find the following:
  • How to tell which foods create optimum gene expression and vibrant health at the cellular level and which foods lead to chronic disease.
  • The amazing healing power of functional foods.
  • The “three keys” to easily creating a foundation diet for your dog based on the principles of nutrigenomics.
  • How to use functional ingredients to treat, manage and even reverse a wide variety of chronic canine health conditions.
  • The 10 “canine functional super foods” and how they can supercharge your dog’s health by optimizing his gene expression.
  • The signs of a food intolerance/sensitivity and how to stop it in its tracks.

You can’t change your dog’s genes but you can change how those genes behave by understanding food.

– Rodney Habib

P.S. – Once the book arrives, be careful how you open the package! As you can see in the photo, the book can easily crack and all the great tips will come spilling out!! I wonder if Dr. Dodds has book insurance for the carpet-cleaning bill I am sending her…