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From Truth About Pet Food:

“What is your pet food made from – edible food or inedible waste meats and vegetables? Do you know? Most consumers don’t know because pet food regulations DO NOT require manufacturers to tell consumers the quality of ingredients used in the pet food. Tell the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO)you want to know!

The FDA and AAFCO allows pet food to be made from…

  • meat sourced from diseased animals;
  • meat sourced from dead animals (such as road kill, animals that died in the field, and even euthanized animals);
  • fats sourced from used restaurant grease;
  • almost any adulterated human food;
  • chemical or pesticide contaminated vegetables, grains, fruits.

The above quality of ingredients are known in the pet food industry as feed grade, pet grade, or inedible ingredients.

An edible food ingredient pet food sits on the store shelf right next to an inedible pet grade ingredient pet food and the labels look almost identical. The pet food consumer has little to no information to know which pet food is made with edible food or inedible waste food.

Because pet food is allowed to be made from very drastically different quality of ingredients (edible or inedible – food or feed/pet grade), consumers deserve to know what they are buying.

We need your signatures on both petitions. Sign, share, and then share again.”

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Rodney Habib