What are you looking at here in this photo?

An incident of seizures, muscle pain, and urine leakage from an attempt to create a vegetarian homemade diet.

My pal and veterinarian, Dr. Barry MacEachern from Dr. Barry’s Burnside Veterinary Hospital, with the permission of the pet parent, sent me a story of a near death experience witnessed by a pet parent who took the diet of their pet into their own hands with the information off of several social media groups.

Dr. Barry’s message – “Dog presented for muscle pain, urine leakage, and seizures. Owners feeding home prepared diet. Guessing diet is vit D deficient. Scary. Hopefully correcting the dietary problem will solve dog’s problem.”

This pet parent was trying to create a vegetarian diet for their pet and almost lost the dog because the diet was not formulated correctly and lacked in vitamin D amongst other vitamins and minerals. (In my opinion, the most important vitamin on this planet.)

I know there will be a brigade of angry pet parents and comments on this post, and that’s not the point of the post. The point is:

If you are trying to apply your ethical beliefs onto your facultative carnivores, please, please, make sure you have an experienced animal nutrition expert formulate a series of diets so that you are not missing key nutrients.

My views, concerns and dangers on vegan/vegetarian diets are in this month’s edition of Dogs Naturally Magazine. I post this to save any future pets from getting hurt or dying. Nutritional deficiencies take time to develop and it is very difficult to catch early unless you are working very closely with your trained veterinarian on this matter.

A video on the matter :

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