The most controversial topic today: “The V Word!”

In my latest article for Dogs Naturally Magazine, I show you why feeding your carnivore a processed vegetarian diet is a disastrously bad idea! (Sadly, the smart cookies understood it, as most saw the word Vegetarian and shut off all thought process)

As a raw feeder to a pack of 3, anytime you mention the word veg, you are labelled as public enemy #1 by prey model feeders.

If anyone attended the NCHS2015 last weekend, you saw world renowned pet food formulator Steve Brown and Doctor Karen Becker show you why it is impossible today, to feed a prey model 80-10-10 diet and have any sort of proper balancing.

Because there is a massive difference between feeding “wild game” protein sources and “farmed lot” protein sources.

So basically, without any supplementation like vegetables, it is impossible to balance today’s diet, unlike yesterday’s. No, not every meal has to be balanced but balance over time is required.

I get asked all the time, why do you touch this topic if it makes people lose their marbles. The answer is quite simple: I would never be where I am today if I was afraid to talk about nutrition and philosophies on how to extend the lives of our pets. It’s that simple.