Most pet owners today don’t know: if they have an unhealthy pet they should never agree to vaccinate their furry companion when visiting their veterinarian.

Never vaccinate an animal that is pregnant or lactating

Because the instruction pamphlet included in every vaccine box says not to!“Never vaccinate a pet with an acute or chronic disease, including allergies, arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, auto-immune disease, cancer, hypo/hyperthyroidism, Cushing’s/Addison’s, kidney disease, canine cognitive disorder, inflammatory bowel disease, infections of any kind. Also never vaccinate an animal that is pregnant or lactating, malnourished, parasitized, stressed or dying.” -Doctor Karen Becker

“Few to no scientific studies demonstrate a need for dogs or cats to be revaccinated.” –Dr. Ronald Schultz, leading animal vaccine expert.

Rodney Habib