Rodney is a digital artist, social influencer, film maker, multiple award-winning blogger, lecturer, founder of the world’s largest pet health page on Facebook called Planet Paws, and, more importantly, a pet parent.

His massive social media presence has gained him worldwide recognition, including being honored at the Canadian House of Parliament (December, 2016) when the government recognized him for having one of the biggest brand followings in the country. In 2015 he was awarded the Communicator of the Year Award at the International Summit and Facebook recently recognized and honored him for having the largest pet health page and one of their top pages, which allows him to spread his message to over 100 million news feeds.

In 2016, Rodney was honored to give the very first TEDx talk on pet health4, which currently stands as the highest viewed TED in history pertaining to dogs. He was also featured alongside Dr. Jane Goodall and Sir Richard Branson in the inspiring book, 101 Reasons To Get Out of Bed (and Change the World).

Once the host of the #1 radio show in Canada, In The Dish, Rodney left the radio world to pursue his passion in film making creating micro-documentaries for his social media platform. He’s also filmed and produced a documentary series on the canine cancer epidemic ravaging the planet called The Dog Cancer Survival Series.

Rodney has made numerous TV, social media headlines, movie, and radio/podcast appearances including ABC National News, BBC London, CBC, Global National News TV, Financial Post, National Post, the Pet Food Documentary “Dog Food Mythbusters”, Ty Bollinger’s upcoming Truth About Cancer series, and Dr. Marty Goldstein’s upcoming box office movie on pets.

Other achievements include: Man of the Year by the Boys and Girls Club of Canada, 2014 Rolf. C. Hagen Scholarship for Emerging Leader, 2013 Summit Retailer Award and 2013 HRM School Board Golden Apple Award.

Rodney recently established the Paws For Change Foundation to raise money through charitable donations to further education and research in the areas of animal nutrition and the role of nutraceuticals, herbs, and natural healing in promoting animal longevity and wellbeing.

Rodney is also producing a special Dog Cancer Documentary that will be released in summer 2017.

Upcoming Appearances


April 8 – 9, 2017

The Royal Treatment Veterinary Centerter  – San Luis Obispo, CA

September 13 – September 16

International Association of Canine Professionals: 2017 Annual Educational Conference

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